Kellestom graduated from the prestigious Ecole des Beaux ARts, in Paris where she worked and lived. 

She has been pursuing her art practice since then and exploring her awn artistic techniques in her contemporary paintings. But she made the decision when she considered she was beginning to achieve what she had in mind. "Painting is like breathing to me, but when I was younger, I felt that more experiences were necessary to nurture my art, for me to really have something to express in my paintings". Kellestom emerges as a mature yet refreshing artist from this demanding artistic journey.


Interaction with the public is necessary to kellestom. "Art can only be on a conversational mode to me. I want to share the joy of creation with many diverse audiences". Kellestom has held solo and joint exhibitions in france and overseas and some of her pieces are in the collection of corporate offices.


Kellestom's inspiration stems from a large spectrum of experiences : her observation of and interaction with people around the world, her curiosity for all forms of artistic expression, current social and political issues... Art to her is never ending quest : "To me, Beyond the multitude of techniques and styles, art truly means searching for the essence of things".


As such Kellestom experiments with a spectrum of media, while using oil paintings as a basis, for its intense colors and textural quality. Her paintings joint together the precision of classical techniques with the acme of modern art, in a unique fusion between abstract and representational.